Black Science

by Machines Dream

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The third full length CD from Machines Dream, Black Science is a musically powerful progressive rock album that thematically explores the dark side of humanity and technology.

The music for Black Science was written collectively and represents all five members' sounds and styles equally.

In addition to the established five piece line-up, the album also sees contributions from saxophonist Josh Norling, lyricists Chris Belsito and Eugene Rogers, guest lead vocals from Jakub Olejnik of Polish band Maze of Sound and background vocals courtesy of Jennifer Gauvreau and Chris Belsito.

Produced and mixed by Craig West, mastered by Will Geraldo and featuring artwork from Monique Holmes, Black Science is an aural and visual treat.

During the pre-order period Black Science will be accompanied by a digital EP of instrumental improvisations. Entitled IMPROV, the EP will never appear anywhere else except with this offer. Once Black Science is released, IMROV will disappear forever.


released June 12, 2017

All lyrics: Craig West (except where stated).
All music: Machines Dream.

Brian Holmes: Keyboards.
Craig West: Bass and vocals.
Jake Rendell: Acoustic and backing vocals.
Ken Coulter: Drums.
Rob Coleman: Lead guitar.

Recorded at: Village Electric, Case's Music, Bear Dog Digital and Reveal Music Studio, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.

Produced and mixed by Craig West.

Mastered by Will Geraldo at Estudio Cantara, Sao Paulo, Brazil.



all rights reserved


Machines Dream Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

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Track Name: Armistice Day
Floating through the battlefield
The machinery of war
The 11th hour approaches
All your heroes are alone
Floating through the battlefield
Floating through the clouds
Track Name: Weimar
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the wings of prostitution,
Welcome, baby, to your new constitution.

A gentleman does what a gentleman wants
And a gentleman wants in you.
A gentleman does what a gentleman should
And gentlemen are making the rules.

Welcome, children and saints, to a new kind of pollution.
Welcome, beggars, to your new contribution.

A gentleman takes what a gentleman wants
And a gentleman will rewrite the truth.
A gentleman takes what a gentleman will
And a gentleman is using you.

Uncover the truth of things in your own way,
Another trick to play today.
You do what they tell you and take off your clothes,
And leave on the light so everyone knows.

There's blood in the morning,
After the knives.
Another day and you're still alive.
Now there's a man on the corner and I don't like what he's for,
He's screaming we need another war.

I sit with the drinkers
And talk about the show.
Track Name: The Cannons Cry
No regard for the little things
It's out the window with compassion
Corporations join the club of little kings
Buy and sell distraction.

I can hear the cannons cry
Is it our turn to run and hide?
History writes you like a little prize
Takes away your thin disguise.

From sepulchre to autograph
Blackshirts back in fashion
Whisper nothing to the polygraph
It's all about distraction.

I can hear the cannons cry
Is it our turn to run and hide?
History writes you like a little prize
Takes apart your thin disguise.

I can hear the cannons cry
It's your turn to run and hide
Burn the ledgers and the passers-by
Life and price and cost and fear to die.
Track Name: Heavy Water
It's cold in here waiting for sunrise to come
We hate them in here, burn every one to the ground.
I put it to you - I put it to you one last time.

Examine the plan, if the bomb bay doors open this time
And the world turns to blue, falling from nightmare to life.
I touch all I see - a scream from the roof of the world.

The sky turns to black, darkness all around,
The ashes fall like snow.
No-one will survive, no-one counts the cost,
The ashes fall like snow.

Will you forgive me?
Forgive me for living.

The rain comes down, heavy and blackened like oil
The poison seeps in, twisting and winding inside.
I can't touch her skin, burning like colours of hell
It's cold in here - since you left me all alone.

The sky turns black, try to find home,
The ashes fall like snow.
You crawl through the ruins, twisting the plot.
The ashes fall like snow.

Will you forgive me?
Forgive me for living.
Track Name: Airfield On Sunwick
They were just young boys far away from home
Deported and exiled together alone
Left behind labour and notes for their mums
Given amnesty for enlistment, traded labour for guns.

'42 flowed like a river to the Caspian shores
No more code tap tap taipan' on the concrete floors
No homeland, just gun oil and flags from the east
A new army rose out of prisoners released.

Keep, keep your eyes ahead
Always keep your faith
That you're going home.

Keep, keep your eyes ahead
Always keep your faith
That you're going home
With the love of god and Wojtek.

And Wojtek.

No homeland, no country, every day was the past
As hunger and exhaustion followed them fast
No reward in the bottle or stale cigarettes
Not a time for dead memories or silly regrets.

From citizen to prisoner to soldier to gone
Toil and the training carried them along
Followed each as he shuffled up to the front
Absorbed shells in their bodies, flak in their gut

Keep, keep your eyes ahead
Always keep your faith
That you're going home.

Keep, keep your eyes ahead
Always keep your faith
That you're going home
With the love of god and Wojtek.

Moving crates of ammunition to the battle lines (repatriation)
The rolling sound of gunfire all the time (repatriation)
Chained to artillery right by their side (repatriation)
He'd watch over their bodies when they died (I dream of repatriation).

After all the orders are well good and gone
We'll demobilize you boys but we can't send you home
At the airfield on Sunwick the news broke out
"He enjoyed the war fellas, but he won't make it out".

"Throw a cigarette to your hero in his new prison home,
He enjoyed the war fellas, he'll have to go it alone"
Track Name: Black Science
There's sand in my eyes, there's blood in the sand
Nothing's ever changed here and I don't think it can.
cut through the ribbons, trip through the noise
Kick over evidence, the bones of the boys.

Watch every step, taking your time
Spend every second like not enough dimes.
Walking through darkness, in daylight and fog
Through the simplicity, in the face of your god.

I remember blood red wine
I remember we never had the time
I remember an empty sea
I remember the 20th Century.

I remember the worst of days
I remember the price of decay
I remember purgatory
I remember the 20th century.

There's time in the crucible, time left to burn
Nobody's going home and nobody ever learns.
I can't look away, I can't switch it off
The world is hard like death and I am too soft.

Time again I've tried to learn how to fly
But inspiration won't lift me to the sky.
And bound by design, and time, sweet time
Endless until its run when midnight chimes.
Track Name: UXB
Crouching on the street, eyes that cannot see
Danger creeping from all sides.
Shadowed out of sight, focused on the prize
My audience about to die.

Without cause
Without God
Without pause
Without choice.

I am sunlight.

I am justified.

Words writ on a wall, my clarion call
Faithful bowed upon their knees.
Life has emptied out, a deluge not a drought
Sacrificed for victory.

Without cause
Without thought
Without flaws
Without voice.

I am sunlight.

I am defied.
Track Name: Noise To Signal
A million camera watching while you sleep
A collaboration, an abattoir waiting for sheep.
You took to the media like an addict takes to their junk
And I'm not impressed.

I'm not impressed.

Noise to signal, signal to noise (repeat).

Suffer your children, breathing the gas
It won't make a difference now, you're the sum of your past.
They strip you and scratch you, study your voice
And you've slept too late, you've slept too long.

Noise to signal, signal to noise (repeat).

In the blinding darkness, turned until you're done
Prepared for your butchery with hours and hours and hours of fun.
Give in to the signal, giving in to the noise
Well here is the real expense, here's what you destroyed.

Noise to signal, signal to noise (repeat).

Confused by the noise, you refuse the vaccine
Volunteer to be the herd that's going to get thinned.
But the blood in the brake line survives the extreme
At peace in the darkness, dreams of what used to be.

Shut down the noise, become the signal (repeat).